Questions to ask yourself about your current management services and Board operations…

  • Does your current manager fail to return phone calls?
  • Is it difficult to find out what is going on in your building?
  • Do your board members have to go through a new learning curve each time there is a change in the membership of the Board of Directors?
  • Do you find yourself involved in the day to day management of the property?
  • Do your board meetings remind you of a village uprising?
  • Are you unsure that you are getting the best contractors and the best work for best price?

If any of your answers are “yes”, let Marian Realty, Inc., help you properly manage your property.

Our management purpose is to take the day-to-day management off the Board member’s and owner’s shoulders. Marian Realty also strives to run associations efficiently, saving money in all possible areas.
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